Beds for Large Breed Dogs

Large dogs require beds suited to their needs.

A large dog needs a bed that is big enough so they can comfortably rest on it without their legs falling off. It must also be thick enough so the dog isn’t laying on hard ground. Beds come in all shapes and sizes including round, square, and rectangular. Some beds are available with a raised edge to make it easier for the dog to stay in the bed or lean up against the side.

Because of their size, large dogs can get sores on their legs where the bones are near the surface if they consistently lay on hard surfaces. These sores can be open or just an area where the hair gets rubbed off, but in any case it is not comfortable for the dog. It’s important for a dog to have it’s own bed to sleep on, otherwise they may come and try to share your pillow with you.

If you have more than one dog, you may want to consider buying a bed for each dog or get a bed big enough for the two dogs to share. You can buy the best dog bed for large dogs here: Dogs are social animals, and many enjoy sharing their beds with other dogs, even if they both don’t fit very comfortably.

There are a variety of large dog beds to choose from

Many dog beds are available that have removable covers so they can be washed. You want to wash your dog’s bed regularly to keep them clean and free from dirt or insects such as fleas. If a bed gets too dirty, it can be a health risk for the dog.

Most dogs don’t require anything fancy, but a cottage industry has been created around making unique and customized dog beds. If you really want a unique bed, you can get a custom race car shape or a miniature dog house. Some providers also sell monogrammed dog beds.

Where you put the dog bed is important

Place the bed in a location that is close enough to you when you are home. Since dogs are social animals, the dog will want to be near you. If you place the bed in a back bedroom, far away from the family activity of the house, it’s unlikely the dog will use the bed very often.