Best Guard Dogs

Best Guard Dogs

There are many breeds of dog that have been bred to be good guard dogs. Some you’re probably familiar with, while others will be new to you.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a popular choice for a guard dog. These dogs are easy to train, and they have a natural instinct to protect their family. They have been bred over successive generations to be suspicious of strangers and protective of their family. The German Shepherd is an attack dog type of guard dog. The dog will be physically aggressive and attack an intruder.

Doberman Pincher

The Doberman Pincher has probably the most extreme guard dog history. The Doberman Pincher was originally bred to accompany the tax collectors in Germany as a guard dog. They are ridiculously loyal to their owners and excessively suspicious of strangers. These tendencies are natural to the Doberman Pincher and do not require much training. However if you do intend to use a Doberman Pincher as a guard dog, you will want to train him to obey commands so that if he does protect you, you can ask him to stop. The Doberman pinscher is another example of an attack type guard dog.


The various types of mastiff breeds are also good guard dogs, however they are not considered attack guard dogs. Mastiffs have been bred to guard their families by cornering a stranger and waiting for their owners to come and deal with them. Mastiffs are highly unlikely to actually attack a person. Due to their huge size, it’s also unlikely for a person to try and attack them. The Mastiff will confront a stranger or intruder and pin him in a corner and wait for their owner to appear.


The Dalmatian seems like an odd choice for a guard dog, but their original purpose was as a guard animal. Dalmatians are very friendly to their owners and families, but they have an innate suspicion of strangers. Dalmatians are notorious in the veterinary community as being rather difficult to deal with on account of there innate suspicion of people they do not know.