The greyhound is a sight hound that originated in the British Isles. Their long powerful legs and deep chest make them ideal for racing, which has been their primary purpose for the last few decades. The Greyhound can reach speeds of almost 45 mph. There has recently been an increase in greyhounds as family pets due to the effort to find retired race dogs good homes.

Greyhounds are known for having cat like personalities. They can be indifferent and dismissive of strangers, but very affectionate with their families. Greyhounds are generally calm and easy going. Because of their history as a hunting hound, they can have a high prey drive so they might not be good around small animals.

Contrary to popular belief, adult Greyhounds do not need excessive exercise. They are bred to be sprinters, and therefore they are not marathon runners. They do have a lot of energy, but it does not make them manic. As stated above, due to their high prey drive, they can be very interested in chasing small animals. But if socialized as a puppy, this tendency can be reduced. Greyhounds do best in a quiet environment and can live with kids so long as the kids are taught proper manners with dogs. There are many Greyhounds available due to the surplus of dogs coming out of the racing industry.

There has been a growing movement to get dog racing banned and several states have passed laws abolishing the races. As in horse racing, dog racing is a brutal sport and can be very hard on race dogs. Many Greyhounds don’t survive and many have trouble adapting to normal lives after they stop racing. But dedicated Greyhound lovers and rescues are doing their best to help.