How to Select a Dog Breeder

Research and select the breed you want

First things first: you want to pick the breed that best suits your lifestyle. Consider whether or not you have children, the kind of house or apartment you live in, how much physical exercise you get or are willing to give the dog, and any other special circumstances a specific dog breed may require. Also consider if you need a hypoallergenic dog or not. Make sure everyone in the house is ready to own a dog and take care of it. If it’s a family situation, everyone should be ready and willing to take on the responsibility of owning and caring for a dog.

Find breeders near you

Once you have found a breed that meets your requirements, then it’s time to start researching the breeders that are nearby to you. Look for breeders that have a long history of producing dogs that are free of health issues and whose clients have obtained happy, healthy dogs from them. You can probably find a lot of good information on social media and forums. Any group that gets passionate about a dog breed will be happy to help you find a breeder that suits your needs.

Meet the breeder and meet their dogs

Once you have narrowed it down to a few breeders, go and meet the breeder. Meet the father and mother of the dog that you will potentially be buying. Ask about previous litters and how those dogs are doing in their new homes. Ask what type of homes the dogs have gone to and how they have done in those homes.

Pick your next puppy

When a litter becomes available from the breeder and dogs you like, go and pick you puppy! Be sure to tell the breeder all the details about what you are looking for. The breeder can watch the puppies and tell you which one will best suit your needs.