Why Do Dogs Pant?

Why Do Dogs Pant?

The simple answer is dogs pant because they’re hot. When people get hot, they sweat. There are pores in the skin that release sweat onto the top of the skin, and the evaporation of sweat cools the person down. Because the dog is covered in hair, they do not have sweat glands. There are some animals that do have body hair and sweat gland, like a horse. But dogs only have small sweat glands in between the toes of their paws. This is not enough service area to truly cool the dog quickly.

How does panting cool dog

Panting cools the dog by exposing a large surface area, all of the gum tissue in the mouth and the tongue, to the air. Blood vessels run very close to the surface inside the mouth. By cooling the blood in the mouth and tongue, the cooler blood circulates back through the dog system and helps to reduce their temperature.

What do you do if your dog is panting

If your dog is panting, that’s a pretty good indicator that he’s hot. The first thing you can do is give the dog cool water. The cool water both going down their throat and covering the surfaces of their mouth will help the dog circulate cooler blood throughout the body. You can also give your dog ice cubes to chew on and swallow. If your dog continues to pant, you can help him cool down faster by getting him wet with cold water. Another alternative is to drape a wet towel or blanket over the dog. If you have access, letting the dog go for a swim is also a good idea. But you don’t want him to exert himself too much since he is already overheating. Panting is a normal behavior for dogs, so it’s perfectly normal for them to pant a little. It’s when they don’t stop and it’s clear they are in distress that it becomes a problem.